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Why Catholic Education?

“Catholic education is above all a question of communicating Christ, of helping to form Christ in the lives of others…”

- Message of John Paul II to the National Catholic Educational Association of the United States, April 16, 1979


St. Mary Catholic School is a vibrant, warm and welcoming community centered upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Our expert and dedicated teachers prepare your child to grow to his/her greatest potential, both spiritually and academically. It is our ministry to help students recognize, foster, and exhibit their role in carrying out our Catholic values and traditions. St. Mary Catholic School provides an exceptional learning environment that develops critical thinking skills through a variety of learning opportunities, including the most current technology. The strong community, high academic standards, and celebration of the Catholic faith are the reasons parents choose St. Mary Catholic School as a wise investment for their child.

  • Learn More. Beyond teaching Science, Technology, and many other advanced and core courses, our gifted teachers also lead meaningful and open classroom discussions about faith, morality and Catholic spirituality, providing your child with an early opportunity to explore things about the world and themselves not found in secular textbooks and mandated lesson plans.

  • Be Treated as an Individual. Since many of our schools begin in pre‐kindergarten and progress through 8th grade, our teachers and staff are uniquely positioned to proactively assess, refine and enhance your child’s individual development day‐after‐day and year‐after‐year for as many as eleven consecutive years, leading to an unparalleled understanding of your child and their unique needs

  • Make the Right Choices. While our teachers and staff work very hard to prepare your child to excel academically, they are equally focused on instilling Catholic values into their young hearts and minds so that when faced with a difficult decision outside of the classroom, your child has the character to make the right choice, based on the teachings of Christ, no matter what their friends or anyone else might say.

  • Change the World. From Bensenville to Kankakee, from Crete to Plano, our schools empower your child with the knowledge, self‐confidence, and moral compass to become leaders in high school and beyond, changing and bettering their communities and their world one idea, one person, and one conversation at a time.

  • Study with Great Teachers. Expert, passionate and selfless, our teachers personally invest themselves in the success of your child, seeing them as not just another student, but rather as someone’s beloved son or daughter who is deserving of all the individual attention, undivided love, and thoughtful encouragement necessary to reach their full, God‐given potential.

  • Discover Your Talents. Whether you believe your child to be the next Lincoln or Sandberg, Fermi or DuSable, Butkus or Banks, Bernardin or Cabrini, our schools offer a growing and diverse collection of clubs, sports and activities to suit nearly any budding interest or blossoming young passion, making it possible for your child to safely discover their talents, and maybe even surprise themselves – and you – in the process.

  • Achieve Ahead of Your Peers. Methodically prepared by their teachers and lovingly supported by mothers, fathers and family members who saw Catholic education as a sensible investment in their future, our former students consistently achieve ahead of their peers in the high schools and colleges of their choice, with many earning valuable scholarships worth tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Belong to Something Bigger. As your child learns more, builds character, changes the world, and discovers their talents, they will also begin to find new meaning in life through the structured beliefs and moral foundation of the Catholic Church, and to understand that they now belong to something bigger – and infinitely higher – than themselves.

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