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Student Services

Student Services offers assistance to students who need extra support academically. This may come in the form of working with our Reading Specialist, pull-out math and ELA, small group instruction, and regular weekly resource time. Students at all grade less are eligible to receive supports and interventions. Student services works closely with classroom teachers. If a student is in need of additional intervention, classroom teachers will be in communication with parents, and next steps will be discussed. The assistant principal works as the liaison between St. Mary and the Mokena District 159 special education services team. 

Testing for/identifying speech and language concerns is administered by Mokena District 159. The only direct service provided to St. Mary students by District 159 is in the area of speech and language. 

Counseling Services are available to all students who need extra support academically, specially, or emotionally. In addition to our counselor, the administrative team, faculty, and staff are present to help students with a variety of needs.

Meet Our Staff


Mrs. Nicole McGinnis
Student Services Cordinator
Junior High Resource Teacher


Mrs. Kara Young
Primary Interventionist


Mrs. Jennifer Puralewski
Intermediate Resource Teacher

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