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School Board

The Saint Mary Catholic School Board is a consultative advisory body to the Principal and Pastor operating within its own area of competency in regard to the school.  Consisting of 7-9 School and Parish Members, and a number of key leaders from the School community, the Board offers advice on matters relating to finances,  physical assets of the school, a vision/strategic plan, marketing/publicity, outreach, and more. The Board follows legislative procedures, with executive positions of President, Vice President and Secretary.  We are fortunate to have an involved and caring community and are grateful for all those who serve through the School Board

In the Diocese of Joliet, school boards are consultative in nature, offering valuable input to assist the school's administration. A consultative board participates in the policy-making process by formulating and adopting, but does not enact or enforce policy. Board recommendations are ultimately adopted or declined by the Principal and/or Pastor.

School Board 2023-2024

john mccarthy board pic.png

John McCarthy


bob wade (2).jpg

Bob Wade

Vice President


Rachel Johnston


Christine Buchler school board pic (2).heif

Christine Buchler

School Engagement

ashley (2).jpg

Ashley Boone

School Advancement

bill johnson linked in.jfif

Bill Johnson


adam (2).jpg

Adam Miklaszewski

Facilities & Security

Stephanie board pic.jpg

Stephanie Guldan

Parish Engagement

Karen blaze pic for school board page_edited.jpg

Karen Blaze

PTC President

rob dauphinais board pic.png

Rob Dauphinais

Athletic Board President


Rev. Dindo Billote



Michele Alday-Engelman



Michelle Huizinga

Assistant Principal

Ex Officio Members

Send School Board schoolwide topic to discuss or an open meeting request to speak at board meeting on schoolwide topic and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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